ECommerce With Cloud Mobile POS Software

No need to buy a bracode scanner anymore! Making sales with your mobile phone anywhere from now!

Make sales fast is important to us, why?

Seconds make a difference in processing

Even a slight delay can leave customers questioning the competence of you or your employees while the customer queue increases.

It saved your cost

No need to buy a barcoder scanner. no need to buy a 400$ printer, what you need is just an app.

It makes your work easy

Cutomer mangement? Sales report? It can be done in seconds, you don't need a SAP software and you don't need to spend hours to learn how to use it. It just like that!

So how does it work?

Browse through our plans

For defferent business type, you can choose a mobile POS solution, mobile/web combined solution, or your customized POS solution

Setup your shop in seconds

Setup your shop is easy,it just need your email, company name and setup your tax rate.

Make sales and get your payment!

Making sales now become easy, you only need a mobile device, then you can make sales, and you can even printing out your invoice anywhere.