Mobile Inventory

No need to buy a scanner anymore!

With just an Iphone/Android application, you can easily scan your product, manage your inventory and place orders anytime, any place. Within Benefits by ECVCloud solution, you can get access to your data and sale your products at exhibit center, railway station and even while you are walking.

E-commerce Solution

You can focus on your business...

We will take care of all the technology. As a business owner, sales and marketing is your ultimate goal. ECVCloud solution gives you a convenient way to create a highly customized E-commerce website painless with products, orders, payment and reporting services integrated. The cloud service solution provides you a robust, scalable and low maintenance cost way to mange your business.

Development Kit

Do you want to develop your own application?

Do you want to develop your own application, but feeling tired about building the back-end? Do you want to integrate with our system with 3rd party services? ECVCloud offers you the REST based development service to help you achieve your goals.

Sales App

Do you want an IOS or Android app to bring you more business?

Do you want an IOS/Android app to bring you more business? ECVCloud solutions can help you. With ECVCloud’s advanced platform technology, you could easily get a custom IOS/Android native app integrated with our platform seamless.

Multi-store Solutions

Open a new store with just a few clicks!

As a business owner who has multi-stores, the inventory and delivery management are always a headache. With ECVCloud solutions, you can open a new store with just a few clicks. Its unique CRM & Inventory management system makes your daily work ultimately easy. Mobile management app provides the most flexible way to track/allocate your local delivery service.

Reporting Service

How many products did you sale last week?

Which products will be the most popular one in the up coming month? With ECVCloud Reporting system, you are not just getting the complete data report history, but also the prediction in the future. ECVCloud’s Data mining service can greatly promote your business with big data analysis technology.

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